hi hi hi! so, i decided to make this because i made a lot of new friends on this blog & because i wasn’t happy with my last one (the one that i used for all my blogs sob laziness i tell you). the graphic i made for this is not that quality sobs & as you can see, i used an old gif of mine ahaha laziness i’m serious. if i spelled anyone’s url wrong, please find it in you to forgive because.. because yes.
i don’t follow too many blogs on here since the ones i do follow are enough, so here goes:
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communisopinio replied to your post: being a teacher isn’t eas…


what you’re the one that’s alive!! i haven’t heard from you in forever!!!

awhjongdae replied to your post: “being a teacher isn’t easy and takes a lot more time than i thought it…”:
MELANIEEEEE!!11!!1 it’s okay! really! work comes first. duh! yeahh..being a teacher doesn’t look easy at all, but i hope it all comes to you & you’re not struggling as much soon :) we can fangirl about everything later /cheers you on/ you got this!

thanks gurl ㅠ___ㅠ still i’m missing out on so much rn ahhhhh it makes me wanna cry. sd;lkjasd;klsd thanks for supporting me omg i’m doing a quick presentation on kpop tomorrow. i wish you were around so i could run this stuff by you .-.

being a teacher isn’t easy and takes a lot more time than i thought it would. i apologize for not being active these past few weeks. i’m still struggling with learning how to effectively balance my schedule…i miss fangirling with you about everything, cierra and i miss crying over minseok and yoongi’s perfect faces. ㅠ_____ㅠ 

omg wow so these two people on so you think you can dance just danced to 2ne1’s “i am the best” and while i was fangirling over the fact that they were dancing to kpop i realized the choreographer took parts of the dance from the mv and was obvs inspired by the fashion of the video (the girl dancing had a long single braid) and gave NO CREDIT to 2ne1 at all!! the judges praised him for being so “out of the box” and so “original” when he was definitely borrowing a lot from the mv!!

i’m not a huge fan of 2ne1 but wow that’s messed up ok. he should have given credit to 2ne1 and the judges need to look at the mv -.-

penny x sheldon fanfiction…goodbye world

Title: Beware (Feat. Lil Wayne & Jhene Aiko)
Artist: Big Sean
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