Title: Touch my body
Artist: SISTAR
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Imagine your Voltage bias has fought for years to get out of the game he’s in and finally made it into your world


He comes to your place, and you’re shocked, yet ecstatic…

…but you find out he doesn’t love you.

He knows who you are, but he doesn’t love you.

Instead, you’re the first one he contacts only because he lost track of the girl that he ACTUALLY fell in love with and he needs your help, since you’re one of the few people he knows who could have a clue as to her whereabouts.

imagine it.

sixgod’s exo
recommended songs while driving:
jinyoung: ‘we can’t stop’ by miley cyrus
cnu: ‘you don’t know what to do’ by mariah carey
sandeul: ‘marry you’ by bruno mars
baro: ‘shot me down’ by david guetta
gongchan: ‘maps’ by maroon 5