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Happy Birthday Jiyong!
Among all the idol rappers, Zico is the best. Even without idol rappers in the list, Zico is still in the top 10.

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140414 - 1000 Song Challenge

Touching story about B1A4


This is written by a girl from China. The little girl went alone to Seoul to see her grandma, when she’s going back she lost her bag, so she didn’t have any IDs, no phones with her either and so she couldn’t phone home. She did not know the way back and just crouched on the floor, crying. At this time 3 guys A, B, and C came over to her and asked her what’s wrong? The little girl thought they looked kind and started talking to them. Later on Guy A said their company is just at the front, he would tell the company so she could make a phone call. Guy B went to the shop and bought something for her to eat. Guy C was afraid that the little girl would be scared on her own so just squatted with her, chatting. When Guy A came back he had a phone with him and lent it to her and even gave her some money for the journey back. The little girl was really touched, but didn’t know their names back then. Later on she saw them on TV and realised Guy A was Jinyoung, B was Sandeul and C was Baro! 


[source: EnJuC @ weibo (original post) ; via gdlovebaro, @Official_B1A4 ; eng trans: @B1A4_UK

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